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FAQ's!! All the answers here, got any more questions, ask away!

When does this happen?
Free tattoo day will be Saturday March 4th! 7:00AM-10:00PM. Sunday March 5th we will have an after party at the Boone Saloon

What are the Charities?
Wine to Water
Watauga Humane Society
Blue Ridge Conservancy
F.A.R.M. Cafe
Medi Home Hospice
DIY Skate Park
NC Planned Parenthood

What time should I get there?
The earlier the better! Tattoos will be FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE, so its up to you how early you want to get there or how long you want to wait in line. In the past, we've had people start lining up as early as midnight.

What do I need to bring?
You MUST MUST MUST have a valid, government issued photo ID, including drivers license, government ID or passport. Not expired, not your app state ID card. You MUST be 18 or older, absolutely no exceptions. This is North Carolina Law. No Government issued ID saying you're 18 or up, no tattoo.

Can my mom/dad/sister/grandma/ guardian sign for me if I'm under 18?
No!  State law is 18+

It's my first tattoo, is there anything I need to do?
Eat a good meal beforehand (at least some protein / sugar in your system), don't be sunburned or have poison ivy or any skin irritations, don't be drunk, bring your ID!

How many tattoos can I get?
You can get up to FIVE TATTOOS, with a $20 donation for each one. Tattoos can only be on two separate locations on the body. For example:
*You CAN get two on your left arm and three on your right leg.  
*You can NOT get one on your ribs, one on your arm, one on your leg, and one on your foot, one on your hip.
This basically eliminates us having to move you around a million times and having to set up different furniture to get you in the right position. We want to tattoo as many people as possible, and if we have to spend half the time putting you in a new position, that takes money away from the charities.

Can I make an appointment?
First come, first serve ONLY. No appointments.

Can I bring in my own design?
No! We're trying to get as many people in as possible, so on this day you'll be picking from the flash sheets only! We do custom designs every other day of the year if you want to do your own thing!

Can I make changes to the designs?
Nope! These designs are pre-drawn and will be pre-printed and ready to go. We want to fit as many people in as possible, so we won't have time to do redraws. If you want to customize a design, we can redraw it for you any other 364 days of the year, at our usual rates. Some options will be available, such as color or black and grey, depending on how the artist draws their flash sheet. Specific rules will be posted with each flash sheet! Also, if there's small things you want to SUBTRACT from the design (like say you're getting a cat tattoo, and the design has stars all around it, but you don't want the stars) that would probably be doable. As long as the design doesn't have to be redrawn. Images CAN be mirrored if need be.

How big will the designs be?
Designs will be 4" or less (height or width) We'll size them up to where they will look the best and age well, but for the most part, these free tattoos are small and fun designs. If you want to talk about a bigger or custom piece, we'd love to draw something up for you any other day of the year, call us for a consultation!

Can I choose my artist?
Nope! The next customer in line will go with the next available artist. We'll have a few guest artists helping us out, all of which are badasses. Stay tuned to the FB or IG for announcements on guest artists!

Can I get any of these tattoos after March 4th?
You can! But they will be regular prices, starting at the $50 minimum und up, and you'll have to schedule an appointment in the regular way, by stopping in and setting something up!

Do you take cash or card or check / appalpay / paypal / food stamps / gift cards or...
Cash is king! We accept credit card as well. But for payment, that's it. You're welcome to tip the artist's in cookies or teddy bears or high fives, but for donations, cash and card only. 

Will there be anything to do while I'm waiting in line?
A lot of the organizations will have tables and booths set up, some good snacks provided by Vidalia, you might even find your new animal soul mate through the Watauga Humane Society.

What percentage of the money is going to the causes?
ALL of it. We managed to get a few sponsors to donate some supplies, but the rest we're just paying for out of pocket. The tattooers are donating their time. It's our way of giving back to the customer, the community, and the causes we believe in.Type your paragraph here.