Mark Matthijs


Mark began his career in Goldsboro, NC. He crushes American traditional with solid black and heavy color saturation. he's always down to do video games and cartoon tattoos, military themes or whatever you want.

Alex Henderson 


Alex started tattooing in Baltimore.  Alex prefers Japanese and psychedelic style tattooing, yet has a wide range of versatility.  come check out some of his paintings in the shop.

​Logan Isaacson

Logan started tattooing here in Boone. Come check out his portfolio, he is killing it and stoked on all projects!

Oscar Leon


Oscar is our black and grey realism specialist. His soft touch black and grey is on another level. Oscar is only here every couple of months so make sure you get in while he is here.

Dave hood


Dave started tattooing in New Orleans, he likes to do Japanese and American traditional tattoos as well as custom pieces. 

Come on down and get on their schedule or try a walk-in

​All of our artists are NC licensed tattooers.  We create a clean and sterile environment for every client.  This includes new needles and sterile set up for each and every client.  Feel free to ask the tattooer any question you might have about the set up process. 

We hire artists that can create custom images for you; either based on a reference you have or just an idea.  You can also bring in your own image.  Their portfolios will show you the different styles of each artist.  They all have their specialties so look for the one that fits your idea the best.