​​Quality Tattooing since 2008.  Walk-ins and Appointments welcome.

Before Your Appointment:​

    - Eat well

    - Drink Water

    - Get Rest 

    - No Bloodthinners i.e. Aleeve, IBProfen or any other anti-inflammatory.  You can take these after the tattoo but not before.  ​

        *Consult with your doctor if you are taking any heart medications that may thin your blood. 

    - Wear clothing that is comfortable, that allows access to the area that you want tattooed. 
    - We can not tattoo on a sunburn or any skin abrasions, call and reschedule your appointment if this is the case.
    - Must Be 18 yrs old and have a VALID Government Issued ID (license, Identification Card or Passport).   

    -If you need to change your appointment time or day call the front desk and they help with scheduling (828) 355-9595

    -If you need to make a change to the design or image email your artist.  You can find their email on your appointment card.

    -You can have one person in the tattoo room with you and the artist.  Any others would hang in the lobby.  

After Care for your new Tattoo:

    -Remove Bandage once you get home or to a place that you can clean your tattoo.  (not the bar or your friends dirty dorm room)

     -Wash with antibacterial soap, we recommend Liquid Dial or a Plain Liquid Antibacterial Soap (no fragrances).  

          We don't recommend a bar soap because this can grow bacteria between uses.

     -Pat Dry with a clean paper towel.  Do not let it air dry.  

     -Rub a SMALL amount of ointment (A&D ointment, Aquaphor) into the tattoo.  

           If it appears shiny or starts to look sweaty or bubble-this is too much ointment.  Pat the excess off with a paper towel.

     -Wash the tattoo 2 to 3 times a day for the first 3-4 days OR until it starts to peel.  

           You will notice the tattoo will start to flake and peel like a sunburn.  This is your sign to switch to lotion and STOP the ointment.

     -At this time switch to washing it once in the morning and once at night.  Rubbing lotion into the tattoo a couple times throughout the 

           day.  Wash hands before you rub lotion on the tattoo.  

           If the tattoo itches this is a sign its dry, rub lotion on it and that will help stop the itching.

           DO NOT pick any scabs!!  Let them fall off naturally.  

     -For 2-3 weeks do not soak the tattoo; no baths (showers are good), no hot tubs, swimming in lake, river, ocean.  Once the tattoo 

            has finished peeling and there are no more scabs you can resume your normal water routines.  

     -Keep the tattoo out of the sun while its healing.  Once healed continue to use sunblock on your tattoo (& the rest of your body)

     -We do guarantee our work as long as you have cared for the tattoo accordingly.  We do not guarantee tattoos on the hands, neck, and 

             feet.  If you have any concerns about your tattoo come by the shop once it is completely healed, we will have your artist take a

             look at it to determine what steps need to be made.